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 Wearing KTZ mesh tee dress, Babylikestopony mask.

 Wearing Assk Mesh shorts.

Wearing KTZ Nylon dress and Babylikestopony ears. 

Wearing Babylikestopony Briefs, KTZ Nylon Crop

Stylists own Gloves, Bandana and Beanie.



Styling Assistant
Tahlia Farrant



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Some fucked up haunted abandoned mental hospital



It’s time to find your most attention-seeking outfit that will guarantee you a spot on some mediocre street-style blog (sorry not sorry) because it’s Fashion Week bitches! You know, that time of year where Instagram is flooded with blurry photos of catwalk models and the hashtag ‘normcore’ will be used and most definitely abused. Fashion Week can be a warzone of wannabe fashion bloggers, vloggers, shmloggers (whatever) but if you want a less shitty version of it all, look no further! Take this as your official +ESTATEofMIND low-down on Fashion Week this year. Better late than never!
If you’re going to see anyone at London Fashion Week it should be Nasir Mazhar. The fact that someone can pull off 90’s inspired BMX-biker and gamer culture as elegant and wearable is a noteworthy task. The designs of Nasir Mazhar embody the street-wear essence of London with honest pieces that give off a kind of mashed-up DIY vibe. The primary-coloured computer-graphics, black runners and insect-like hair and makeup, the SS15 collection will make you seriously re-consider wearing your trackies in public.

Behind the scenes at Nasir Mazhar

Fyodor Golan was definitely not one to miss. Their pieces translated as endearing arts-and-crafts projects that belong in a museum. The amount of detail in the colours, fabrics and structure of the clothes puts Fyodor Golan above the rest. The runway saw a more stylish and current way to colour-block using pastels, neon and even holographic material (there was a fucking his and hers holographic suit come on people). Even fur was added to the pieces which made them as interesting in the front as they were in the back. The collection was structured but still gentle and artistic, appealing to the fairy princess inside us all.

Spotted: Holographic fairy at Fyodor Golan SS15

 Close to our hearts, label KTZ sent shockwaves throughout London fashion week. A giant crowd of loyal cult followers gathered to see KTZ’s newest collection. The term ‘urban warriors’ seems to be revolving around KTZ’s new collection as models were decked out in breast plates, helmets and sandals reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman imagery. From a distance their newest collection may seem like a blinding explosion of black and white graphics but their silhouettes still maintain a wearable character that KTZ seem to pull off sublimely.

Modern-day Hercules at KTZ

Other honourable mentions include the label Shrimps, whose brightly-coloured faux fur ensembles gained an appearance from superstar Alexa Chung. The texture of the faux-fur, the minimal prints and pearls make the line nothing less than superbly graceful. Ashley Williams London’s SS15 collection was drenched in a quaint colour palette of soft pinks, oranges, whites and grey. Drawings were incorporated onto the clothing creating a quirky line appropriate for anyone who wants to stand out at a cocktail party. 

So it’s no secret we have a, let’s say ambivalent, attitude to fashion bloggers. However, there are a few underdogs of the fashion blogging world that totally knocked our socks off this year.

The Beckerman girls. Both Calli and Sam Beckerman from Beckerman Blog shove fashion rules to the side and clash colours with prints with textures in a way that totally works. Whether its furry sneakers, oversized Jeremy Scott jumpers, Beavis and Butthead printed jeans or baggy tartan pants, the Beckerman girls can pull anything off in a style that can’t be imitated. They fuse high-end fashion with more underground designers that make us ogle in total awe.

Chanel and KTZ and Rodarte? Oh my!

Through fashion week we payed close attention to the blog Urban Forward who showcased the best of London street style and the bloggers who wear what they want unapologetically. The on-point layering, the oversized clothing and the seriously daring footwear made it hard to tear our eyes away from the blog. The fashion perfection of rainbow-haired Irene Kim made us gawk. Her blog Contempt and The Sublime showcases her talent of matching prints and colours together to produce some super ingenious outfits. Never one to shy away from traditionally-overlooked colours like orange, yellow and green, Irene’s styling is nothing shy of inspirational.

When you cut away the superficial surface of Fashion Week you end up with a collection of original designers and fashion bloggers with some serious styling ambition. It's these people who inspire us the most and it's a small reminder of why we do what we do.

Written by Monica Hourigan (Intern)



 So here at +ESTATEofMIND we've been brainstorming exactly what we should write about in this post. But I think we owe it to you guys to give you a brief run down about our favorite labels and why we stock them. You may even learn something along the way...


Self-confessed stationary lover Emma Mulholland creates intricate and eye-catching designs that can only be described as whimsical and eclectic. Born on the south coast of New South Wales, Emma was inspired by the neon swimwear that epitomized the Aussie beach culture of the 90's. Even now she remains influenced by Australian native wildlife and Australian identity at large.

Mulholland caught the eyes of the fashion world (in her clothes, how could you not?) when she was studying at East Sydney TAFE. Ever since then she has come to be respected as a designer whose will to go against the grain is a breath of fresh air. Mulholland's designs fuse fun 80's prints with simple silhouettes to create wearable statement pieces for both men and women. What's not to love?!



What happens when you combine Japanese street style with L.A's laid back attitude and loyal celebrity clientele? What else but Joyrich! David Melgar and Leah Schmidt are the partners-in-crime behind the label that encourages people to say 'FUCK YOU' to the rules of fashion. Born in Japan but based in L.A, Joyrich is unapologetic in its use of bright colours, kooky prints and 80s-inspired graphics.

With mega-stars like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Rihanna wearing your clothes it's easy to see why the brand has made such tidal waves in the world of underground fashion. The hip-hop streetwear label started when Melgar, studying in California and interning with Jeremy Scott, came into contact with Joyrich in 2007 and re-vamped it into the label it is today. Joyrich uses classic American iconography and cartoons like Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons and Betty Boop to produce some seriously gangster clothing.




And now for something completely different. Marjan Pejoski, Sasko Bezovski and Koji Maruyama are the big names responsible for the mind-melting designs of label KTZ. Creative Director Pejoski says the label is inspired by it's appreciation for places and cultures of antiquity all around the world, turning a particular eye toward rural and disappearing tribes. Even to the Saharan desert.

KTZ or Kokon to Zai is a London-based label and has been since 1996. The label has earned the merit of name-dropping celebrities like Kanye, Rihanna and Nicola Formichetti . KTZ's gothic-inspired pieces are embellished with classical religious iconography for looks that are guaranteed to turn heads but are still wearable. Definitely a label to look out for.



Roberto Piqueras is never one to shy away from anything graphic, oversized and over the top. The Spanish designer and fashion school drop-out won a competition held by Burger King (yes you read that correctly) in Madrid Fashion Week which sent him to London. A year later he now works in London sponsored by the fast-food chain where he finds inspiration in the fashionable youth of East London.

Roberto's clothing can only be described as a blinding explosion of internet-related graphics and adaption of Spanish cultural icons. The label's athletic and oversized garments have raised eyebrows all around the global fashion world as the label isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea (or glass of Sangria) but is surely enjoyed by all.



Assk is a fairly young Paris-based label created by Aussies Agatha Kowalewski and Sarah Schofield. The ever so talented duo saw a gap in the French fashion market for a middle-ground between high luxury fashion and chain store clothing. The label willingly ignores any fashion tradition and injects an authenticity into their clothing which is truley unique.

Assk is known best for creating unisex graphic tees which make for super edgy sports-inspired everyday wear. The barbed-wire esque shapes and undeniable influences from biker culture deem Assk a force to be reckoned with.



If you've ever wanted to take a time machine and go back to the 90's (aka the breeding ground for cartoons and primary colours) look no further than Lazy Oaf. The label began in 2001 when UK fashion graduate Gemma Shiel was making t-shirts for friends and family and would later go on to sell them at a local market. Ever since then Lazy Oaf has taken off in epic proportions.

The brightly coloured label creates well-tailored pieces with a special pop of Lazy Oaf goodness. Using characters like Batman, Mickey Mouse and the Looney Tunes makes the humble label stand out in the best way possible. The label creates both men and womens wear as well as a large collection of accessories.



I think it's accurate to call the label Frida Las Vegas the masters of pop-art perspex jewellery. The insanely awesome label created by Aussie stylist Stavroula Mountzouris started when Mountzouris interned for fashion visionary Patricia Field in New York. As well as contributing to London fashion mag SUPERSUPER she began her career as a stylist working for multiple successful publications and has now released her own jewellery line.

The designs of Frida Las Vegas give real meaning to the term plastic fantastic. Her current collection aptly named 'Living In the Plastic Age' includes classic Aussie symbols like a kangaroo road sign and a giant 'SYDNEY' necklace. A label whose designs can make costume jewellery designers everywhere neon green with envy.



Aussie eye wear label Onkler are all about creating bold and iconic sunglasses that radiate nothing but positive vibes. The label began when co-owner and designer Nick Jahns decided to branch out from his job of running a creative agency in Sydney and have a crack at creating his own sunglasses company. He took off to Hong Kong and two years later Onkler was born.

Onkler eyewear is sleek, bold and luxurious but it wont cost you an arm and a leg. Nick's designs are striking in their clean graphic lines but are also super unique. Onkler limits their designs to less than 100 per style so each pair has its own attitude.

Written by:
Monica Hourigan

(aka our cute lil intern that can write really good)






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Deciding to do a shoot in an abandoned mental hospital was probably the worst/ best decision
 iv had all month! 
Guess you could say I'm superstitious and after spending the day there I'm definitely a bit freaked out!
and I'm not the only one-
Taco Belle [my chihuahua that's by my side 24/7] was so freaked out, she wouldn't even enter some rooms, and damn it was super chilly in the ALL rooms

surely that means ghost right?

Here is a few BTS shots:

Photographer    Natasha Foster
Model   Sophie / Five Twenty Model Mgmnt
Hair & M'up  Kaori Harigae
Assistant   Tahlia Farrant
Styling Sylvie

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From the school of M.I.A. and Azealia Banks comes Adelaide's newest MC with less attitude-
 Tkay Maidza.

See her newest video for the infectious electro-hop track ‘U-huh’
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 she sports a few +ESTATE of MIND threads- The Road Journey Bomber by Joyrich and Triangle Sweater by Daniel Palillo.

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