We just got these fabulous new pants in yesterday
L.O.V. I. N. G them!
Such an easy style and comes in fushia, orange & emerald blue
(Limited numbers get in quick)

+Wearing: Sailor crop from a shop in LA, Hype DC shoes
 Abe & Sara fushia pants & vintage specs ( both available now in store),
Chase.Dakota crystal ring.



Its a bit groundhog day-esq with this outfit, for it was only
a few days i a go that i wore similar but in a differetn colurs..
but fuck it..
i don't care, do you...??
didn't think so.

+Wearing: H&M high waisted shorts, Minty meets munt shirt, Vintage blazer,
Woolford tights, Hype DC shoes, Ghoullery necklace (black),
Resting bones necklace (available now in store).

Todays inspiration//: Jeremy Scott Spring 2010 collection

If i had the body and could get my dirty lil hands on that yellow 2 piece outfit i so would!


I dressed according to the weather today.
- minus the shit part and what you see here is a dark, cold and eery outfit.

+Wearing: 3 different layers (yes 3, i was cold) of Urban Outfitters singlets, 
cropped crochet singlet from a sample sale, Therese Rawsthone jacket,
 Resting Bones sheer cape (underneath jacket), American Apparal tights, 
Target boots, self made feather necklace, Maskarada silver necklaces,
Sophia Fitzpatrick  & diva ring.

wow thats a lot of layers....  



Going through my wardrobe to clear out the mess, i found a few lil treasures-
Last years collection of high- waisted shorts!
 I went shorts crazy last summer and bought about 50 pairs
but then got fat over winter and banned myself from wearing any
today is chilly enough to wear a pair of stockings and rock these cute lil poka dot ones! 

+Wearing: H&M poka dot shorts,  cheap sheer shirt, Vintage lace jacket, belt & poka dot tie, 
Woolford tights, Hype dc shoes, Moss by Mia rings,
Vintage specs (now available in store) 


Really getting into rocking the whole
"one earring" thing.
Its funny the amount of ppl, who may i add 
about being an individual,
and kindly letting me know i have lost an earring..
derrrr it's supposed to be just one!

+Wearing: Vintage kimono style cape with fringing detail, Flowers for a vagabond silk top,
Minty meets munt khaki pants, Hype DC shoes, 
Maskarada rings, Featherhead necklace & Moss by mia earring
(all available now in store)



How cute are these vintage mickey mouse-esq sunnies..??
Or am i the only one that can see a resemblance?

+Wearing: Jeremy Scott x Keith Haring tights, Staple cape,
Tale Told tee, Hype DC shoes, Ghoullery necklaces
Bunny vampire ring by Sophia Fitspatrick, 
Vintage mickey specs (available instore now)

 Happy friday!



I know i wear these pants atleast once a week
but why wouldn't i..??
Look at the colour!


+Wearing: Grace & lola pants, Sportsgirl grey tee, Hype DC shoes,
Vintage belt from Zoo, Stolen scarf from mummy dearest,
Moss by Mia ring & vinatge gold specs (both available in store now)



Sorry but New Zealander's get it.
They get that you don't have to be a sheep and follow trends
They get that its cool to make your own trends 
They get the whole "investment piece" thing
And we get that are getting cooler and cooler each year
This seasons newest store member and first international brand

it's yours and you don't even know it yet!!

+all styles available in store now