Yep, today im channeling my inner cowboy, 
with pom poms, studs and latex pants ofcourse!  
I can see Jake Gyllanhaal & Heath Ledger in the distance.. ok maybe not heathy for obvious reasons..

+Wearing: thrifted latex pants, old school Minty Meets Munt pom pom jumper, 
11Objects studded collar, Lack of Colour hat, Cheap Shades from Cream on crown,
 Angle Diamond Dot ring, and Athinaeum satchel bag.

+Don't forget tonight is 700 Photo's @ Darlo Bar, Darlinghurst! 
We'll be having a pop up store with some of our coolest shit, so break those god damn piggy banks and bring ya pennies gangsta's
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I quiet like rocking that "ruby rose" tough bitch look of denim, studs & leather..
I always felt more comfortable wearing studs then 
girly floral dresses and lace socks.
But then again i can be a bit of a chameleon so im sure sometime soon il
do the girly pretty look again, but for now leather chaps all the way baby!!!

These shoulder harnesses i can't get enough off!! 
Collaborating with local Milliner Philomena Kwok, we got these awesome harnesses made for Mardi Gras originally, so the Sydney Gaybourhood could shake their tale feather in the parade, but just had to keep them in store for winter as they are the perfect accessorie to jazz up any old winter outfit.
Exhibit a).
Take one shit woolie jumper.
Add an old denim vest
(pants optional)
Add 1-2 harnesses depending how many you got lying around
and KER- CHING!! 
instant fucking cool!

+Wearing: 2weeks studded chest harness, Featherhead leather & red feather shoulder harness, evil twin denim vest,  grey woolie jumper, Lela Jacobs awe legs, cheap boots with my Sam Elderman harness' on top, assorted My Secret Agent Lover Man  & Maskarada bracelets, watch from china town, 
Abe & Sara vintage shades.

All +ESTATEofMIND labels are available in store or (selected items) online. 
For any enquires please call
02 80219417

Apparently it's only tues. crap. only 3 more days till the wkend.! 



Something i don't do often.... but since the pants are not that tight, the jacket is a big white faux fur 
and the colours are tropical- then i think il survive!
p.s how good was crown st this morning- smelt like weeeeeed!!!

+Wearing: Lela Jacobs leggings, Vintage tee, I.d.s faux fur jacket, Moss by Mia nerds necklace,
My secret agent lover man earrings, Atoll silk printed  headscarf, Abe & Sara vintage white shades.

All Lela Jacobs, I.d.s, Moss by Mia, My Secret Agent Lover Man, Atoll & Abe & Sara items are available for purchase instore and online.

This weeks new arrivals:

+ABE & SARA assorted vintage shades

+LAZY OAF printed socks!
(Yep damn right thats a hamburger print you see there on the right- effing COOL!!)

+ELGAR & LYLE assorted jellewery

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There are "drop crotch pants", then there are "E.X.T.R.E.M.E drop crotch pants"
and that is what im wearing today..!!
I swear i could fit a small child in there.. actually probably could fit an adult.
To some they might look ridiculous (especially the male species) but to the kids 
in Surry and myself, they are P.I.M.P! 

+This style of pants are also known as: poo catcher's, mc hammer pants, jazz pants, crap hammock, parachute pants & poo catcher's. 

 +How cool is the print! found this lil gem at a vintage store - BEST FKIN $30 SPENT EVER!!!!

+Wearing: Nu + Nan drop crutch pants, Ashleigh Taylor asymmetrical white tank, minty meets munt crop top, Jeremy Scott x Ksubi printed jacket, vintage bone necklace, Moss by Mia beaded cuff, 
My secret Agent Lover Man black skull bracelets, Mies Nobis brass ring,
 Angle Diamond Dot crystal ring.

Moss by Mia, Mies Nobis, Ashleigh Taylor & Angle Diamond dot items are
 all available for purchase instore.



Today is casual wednesday for three reasons.
1. woke up too late.
2. didn't do my laundry
3. Sometimes i feel i get too dressed up for an early week day- 
I mean seriously, sometimes/ all the time, i am the only one on crown st wearing fur, 6inch heels, multi coloured attire, lipstick and a smile on my face on a mon/ tues or wed.
I can't help it if im a little excited with life and enjoy looking like im off to go party at studio 54 with the cast off Seaseme St. 
 Todays life lesson: Don't be so serious in life, express yourself, be a misfit! 

On a lighter note,wanna see what a weirdo with a pink top knot that acts like a massive special child in front a camera looks like?
See below...

+Wearing: Ksubi denim jacket (remember when is was Tsubi??i actually had to google them to see which one it was haha),  assorted cheap tops layered, estateofmind leggings, 
assorted my secret agent lover man & maskarada bracelets, watch from china town, 
my secret agent lover man yellow tassel earring, nay yan necklace and atoll scarf.

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This morning i counted over 30 pairs of pants/ leggings in my wardrobe.
I guess you can say im a hoarder of all things 2 legged.
Iv never been much of a skirt/ dress girl, especially in my older age and with everything heading south
you dont want to be flaunting that shit.
Plus they are waaaaaaaay to comfortable, you can slip em' on, slip em' off, 
you dont have to worry whether your cellulite aka cottage cheese is showing, 
you can sit spread eagle and still (kinda) look like a lady, 
they flutter every body shape- if worn correctly, and most importantly you can strut like a boss down the street with out fear of the wind blowing and revealing your lady bits! 

+Love Story Fur Gilet

+Nay Yan necklace

+Mies Nobis Rabben ring- brass

+Wearing: Topshop leggings, American apparel jumper, LoveStory fur gilet,
Nay Yan necklace, Mies Nobis ring and Atoll Scarf.

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 +SOOT in your face leggings

+AMAR armoury pants- burgundy

+NONE THE RICHER studded dreamers pants

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+SERPENT & THE SWAN velvet petal leggings- Gold/ Black 

+DANIEL PALILLO spike leggings

+SERPENT & THE SWAN fake love lace leggings

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+WONDERSCEASE gold Capri's

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Adios amigo xx