How ridiculously cool is the Ostrich Feather jacket? 
We just got in Sydney label
Love Story, and god be damn im in love with all their fur.
Like a lot of fashionisto's i have mixed feelings about wearing real (& vintage) fur. 
At first i think of a cute lil bunny or cow or whatever animal that got (i won't say slaughted) but 
crucified and given as an offering, and i kinda feel bad.
But then i think, you know what its the circle of life-
We die, they die, more of us get born and more of them get born and then i don't feel so bad.
It's about freedom of choice. Some ppl choose to be vegetarians or Christians or jews or gays.
Good on them. 
If they are comfortable and thats what they want to do, then by all means DO IT.
Its your life, your choice.
You just have to unfortunately deal with judgemental dicks. But that's pretty standard in life these days with anything...
And when it comes to fur, i don't feel embarrassed, i feel glamorous!

So moral of the story is, wearing fur may not be politically correct, but being comfortable with one's self is the definition of chic. 
I'd rather be chic. 

+Wearing: Blackmilk galaxy leggings, Lela Jacobs smoking robe, 
Kate McCoy single earring, sam eldeman boots, Amaka bag,
LoveStory ostrich feather jacket.

+All Gilets & Jackets from LoveStory.
Instore now 

BUT for all you animal lovers out there we do think of you too and we have some lovely Faux fur items in store too.. 
So put away those derogatory comments and don't be a hater.



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