I quiet like rocking that "ruby rose" tough bitch look of denim, studs & leather..
I always felt more comfortable wearing studs then 
girly floral dresses and lace socks.
But then again i can be a bit of a chameleon so im sure sometime soon il
do the girly pretty look again, but for now leather chaps all the way baby!!!

These shoulder harnesses i can't get enough off!! 
Collaborating with local Milliner Philomena Kwok, we got these awesome harnesses made for Mardi Gras originally, so the Sydney Gaybourhood could shake their tale feather in the parade, but just had to keep them in store for winter as they are the perfect accessorie to jazz up any old winter outfit.
Exhibit a).
Take one shit woolie jumper.
Add an old denim vest
(pants optional)
Add 1-2 harnesses depending how many you got lying around
and KER- CHING!! 
instant fucking cool!

+Wearing: 2weeks studded chest harness, Featherhead leather & red feather shoulder harness, evil twin denim vest,  grey woolie jumper, Lela Jacobs awe legs, cheap boots with my Sam Elderman harness' on top, assorted My Secret Agent Lover Man  & Maskarada bracelets, watch from china town, 
Abe & Sara vintage shades.

All +ESTATEofMIND labels are available in store or (selected items) online. 
For any enquires please call
02 80219417

Apparently it's only tues. crap. only 3 more days till the wkend.! 

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