Sooo you may have noticed i like to go a lil OTT on certain trends
1.wearing a dash of print- i like to wear ALL over  prints
2. wearing kaftans- i wear big ass moo moo's
3. neon colours- how bout all neon colours all together, i think so
4. Layering necklaces- i like to layer all!
5. colour blocking- most ppl tend to do 2-3 colours, me? SEVEN!

+Wearing: Lola & Grace purple chino's, minty meets munt sailor cropped tee, 
vintage yellow jacket, Hype dc shoes, ysl rings, belt from vinnies,
Fiel Sol necklace (available in store now)

Call me strange, but i kinda get a kick out of being the "weird" one walking down the streets!



Im officially a collector of moo moo's, and im not ashamed of it!
Because A). They come in various cool ass colours & patterns.
     B).  It hides your lady lumps if you aint up for showing them off
C). Worn with the right shoes & accessories they are fucking hot!

Whats a moo moo you ask?
Definition: Moo Moo (or if from Hawaii, Muu muu)
A loose shapeless dress of Hawain origin, often worn by morbidly obese persons & grannies due
 to the fact it's basicaly a large sack with arm and head holes which is easy to
 throw on and comes in bright colours and exhilerating patterns..

ummm whats not to love about that!

+Wearing: Handmade leopard moo moo (coming soon to +estateofmind)
Splice tie up flats, handmade feather necklace,
various Maskarada necklaces & Chase.Dakota silver cuffs (all available in store now)
Beasts of Peace ring (coming soon).


Just when i was getting ready to pack away all my big wooly jumpers,
a shit cold day like today had to pop up!

screw you mother nature, your such a tease!

+Wearing: Vintage wooly jumper, American apparel leggings, Hype dc wedges,
necklace & rings from Moss by Mia
(rings available now in store)



Been a bit slack with thew outfit posts of late- soz!
Uploading pics and writing useless shit on our new online shopping section as 
taken up all of my precious snappy photo time!

I only took pics for 2 days worth of outfits, 
next week il be back on top of things- i promise!

+Wearing: Supre black maxi dress tied up at the front, Asos striped top,
Hype dc shoes, Anna et Valentin specs
MAN necklace (available now in store)

+Wearing: vintage leopard pants, Asos mustard and khaki tops,
Hype dc shoes, vintage poka dot scarf,
MAN necklace (i know- again!)


"Inside the draw"
Stolen by Desire is the new kid on the block, offering a small collection 
of delicatate solid silver pendents which are
playful and quirky yet dark and moody..

Instore now..


+First spring/ summer drop due next week

+sneak peak collage



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