Sooo you may have noticed i like to go a lil OTT on certain trends
1.wearing a dash of print- i like to wear ALL over  prints
2. wearing kaftans- i wear big ass moo moo's
3. neon colours- how bout all neon colours all together, i think so
4. Layering necklaces- i like to layer all!
5. colour blocking- most ppl tend to do 2-3 colours, me? SEVEN!

+Wearing: Lola & Grace purple chino's, minty meets munt sailor cropped tee, 
vintage yellow jacket, Hype dc shoes, ysl rings, belt from vinnies,
Fiel Sol necklace (available in store now)

Call me strange, but i kinda get a kick out of being the "weird" one walking down the streets!

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