Today Kam looks
 F.U.C.K.I.N.G   B.A.W.S.E
1000 x better than me so thought id change it up abit and blog her outfit.

Just look at those skinny liquorice legs!!!!!!!

The lucky gurl managed to snap up these super hot Acne Boots for $100.
Yea you heard me 100 mullah!
That can't even buy me a cheeseburger and fries these days..

+Wearing: Daniel Palillo Spike top/ dress
and her Acne Boots.

Daniel Palillo available in store.



As well as it being Graduates week, 
it also seems to be national
 "wear your harem pants week"
as i seem to be rocking a pair (un-intentionally) each day this week
I swear im going crazy...
or menopausal..
either of the two.

+Wearing: Nu + Nan harems, American Aparrel top, unkown heels from a warehouse sale, 
Daniel Palillo spike tote bag & Ms Fitz necklace.

Daniel Pallilo & Ms Fitz available instore.

DAY 3//:

Again me and my trusty side kick Matt, 
attended the Whitehouse Institute of Design Show last night.

 Now im not going to lie, there was a huge difference between the creativeness of students from the previous night at Ultimo Tafe and last nights students.
Im not saying they were dull & boring, all designs were very on trend and all mastered the art detail & tailoring but when it came to presenting something really really show stopping and memorable only a handful of girls achieved this.
It nice to see that some students are willing to push themselves and really design something out of the ordinary and use their skills they have just been slaving over for the past few years in an innovative & artistic way. 
THIS is what i look for when attending these shows, i need to see they can think outside the square and deliver designs up to my standards and level of creativeness. Anyone can design a basic tee to wear,
but a creative designer can make one that wears you! 

Top picks:

Emily Lowden
Vanessa Ouriques
Whitney Taylor
Alexandra Sims

Due to us being backseat bandits and not getting good views of the runway i only have a few pics that i
have managed to scrape from god knows where.



This time of year is my favourite kinda year


It's when all the fashion Graduate shows are on, so this is pretty much my fashion week.
And if you ask me, you get to see way better talent with more original and artistic creations
then the normal golden oldies that grace MBFWA year after year.

Over the next few weeks i'll be giving you my 2 cents worth of fabulous shitty photos and my 
top picks of some cool ass fresh meat talent 
(that hopefully you'll get to see in store next year)
from the following schools:

Fashion Design Studio- Ultimo Tafe
WhiteHouse Fashion Institute
UTS Design
FBI Fashion College

+Wearing: Tigerlilly harem pants, minty meets munt tank, Sole Society lassi Heels,
Alexandra Blak necklace.

Sole Society & Alexandra Blak available instore only.

SHOW NO#1//:

On Saturday, Kam and i attended the Australian Graduates Fashion Week held at Carriage Works
where 100 fashion design students from both Tafe and Uni all over Australia & New Zealand showcased their designs, judged by none other than our mate Phoenix Keating (and a few others).

Our top picks:

Leroy Nguyen
Ruby Glennding
Amanda Myles
Jojo Ross

(photo's by Jay)

SHOW NO#2//:

Last night me and matty boy hit up the Fashion Design Studio Graduates show at Ultimo Tafe.
And Fuck me there was some good shit! 

Due to me being a retard and not really knowing how to use my $900 camera 
i only have a few 
(rather shit) iphone snaps of my faves of the night to show you,
but i will try steal a few professional pics from others when i can.

 Top picks of last nights show
Sandra Elia
Varina Krook
Briony Carter
Marila Sio
Michiyo Nona



Whats with people being such label whore's in Sydney?

Was sitting outside my shop peacefully enjoying the weather & a coffee, when to chicks strolled past looking in one said "should we" and the other replying "hmm they have weird labels in there, iv never heard of them" and then kept walking...

And the other day when i was at an event i had a blogger ask who my shorts were by, i was honest i said Supre. She looked at me and said "you own a cool ass store and your wearing supre?" 


It's not who your wearing, it's about how you wear it fool! 
I wear all labels whether they are high-end, unknown, from my store, vintage and yes even cheap-shit  chain store threads. If it looks good and styles well in your wardrobe then who cares if it has 
a Target label or a Balenciaga label.

Don't go thinking just cos you wear designer head to toe that your killing it and got mad style.
Style is being able to create looks using what ever you got, not buying a look you saw in the latest 
Grazia magazine. 
That's pure laziness and unoriginal.
just sayin.

End of rant.


+Wearing: Serpent & the Swan mesh skirt, Supre tank, Evil Twin denim vest, Shubar creepers, House of Holland lilac cagefighter sunnies.

Serpent & the swan and House of Holland available instore.