Whats with people being such label whore's in Sydney?

Was sitting outside my shop peacefully enjoying the weather & a coffee, when to chicks strolled past looking in one said "should we" and the other replying "hmm they have weird labels in there, iv never heard of them" and then kept walking...

And the other day when i was at an event i had a blogger ask who my shorts were by, i was honest i said Supre. She looked at me and said "you own a cool ass store and your wearing supre?" 


It's not who your wearing, it's about how you wear it fool! 
I wear all labels whether they are high-end, unknown, from my store, vintage and yes even cheap-shit  chain store threads. If it looks good and styles well in your wardrobe then who cares if it has 
a Target label or a Balenciaga label.

Don't go thinking just cos you wear designer head to toe that your killing it and got mad style.
Style is being able to create looks using what ever you got, not buying a look you saw in the latest 
Grazia magazine. 
That's pure laziness and unoriginal.
just sayin.

End of rant.


+Wearing: Serpent & the Swan mesh skirt, Supre tank, Evil Twin denim vest, Shubar creepers, House of Holland lilac cagefighter sunnies.

Serpent & the swan and House of Holland available instore.

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