Kids, when you all of a sudden realise
"fuck im"
a) single
b) young (ish)
c) got no baggage aka responsibilities besides my own business

You start to live a little.... to much.
You start thinking wednesdays is friday cos your still hung as hell from a massive bender on a tuesday night, yes a tuesday night- a night when most clean living people are at home.

You start getting shit faced on what you thought was friday, 
then having to deal with the rest of the week like a god damn trooper-

And then you  get to experience a second friday 2 days later.
And so the moral of the story is today is a lil bit of a grounghog day for me.

Business owner of the year say whaaaaaatttttt! 

+Wearing: Daniel Palillo mouth skirt & M.Y.O.B down cross necklace
Instore & online now

instore & online

++ Boy Art Earrings ++

++ Down Cross Necklace ++

++ Abracadabra Earrings ++

++ Egyptian Eyes Earrings ++


++ Mouth Skirt ++

++ Super Leggings ++

++ Face Leggings ++

++Monster Leggings ++

Layer them up like i have today, or team them with basics & voila

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