(or in nicer words)

Label of the month:


+the DOOM crop has been getting a selfie workout with our customers

+Kurt been living in his mesh paradise top

 +while i pretty much sleep in my Spiked leather jacket

Their look book was by far one of the best ones that landed on my desk! 

+New collection "Moon Tan" now instore

+being a slut and wearing knee hi's has never been so fun with these tye dyed babies!

even more cooler were these GIFS they made
 check out their uber cool blog for more of them!

i swear  these girls really hit the nail on the head here, they 
sure know how to keep readers entertained!! 




jesus almighty.what a week.
what a god damn never ending week.
running between shows back to tradie lyf at the store was pretty damn exhausting.

Il just cut straight to it shall i, as im sure most of you are well aware of my opinion of Australian fashion.

So instead of being a negative nelly and having a pointless rant il just show you who i thought made the cut in +estateofmind eyes with a few lookbook & runway snaps from runway shows to showings.


Her show had a 90's surfer/ cyber babe/ springbreakers vibe to it, so naturally we fucking loved it.
Its so good to see that the same young designer i met 2 years ago after her graduates show and put her first ever collection in my store has now evolved into this awesome human being slash fuckoff amazing designer who gets to have her very own show in MBFWA!
Pat on the back for you gurl!

(runway pics from marie claire)

I had my buyers showing monday, and holy mother of god- i looked like a kid being let wild in a candy store. SUCKS MAJOR ASS we have to wait till summer to be able to wear this incredible collection.

Here's a few of our fave pieces from the collection 




(pic stolen from internet)




Can't wait till im at that point in my business to be able to fly over for all the international fashion trade events where the clothing styles is a little more "us".

But till then, showings via email it is.




Well as you are all aware now, our crown st store has now fully closed
(sad face)

But our new store down the block is nearly finished 
(mega happy, gizz in ma pants, face)

Now clearly i was on crack when i said we were re opening 
Saturday the 6th April

HELL NO!!!!!!!!

Me & my army of rather hot tradies/ painters and what not
are working around like clock
(well they are, im perving supervising)

But it's nearly ready, still a tad to do
so im sorry ma homies just abit of a delay!!!

But here's a lil sneak peek of whats been going on down at the all new and nearly improved

+artist maaden has been doing his thang with some cool as perverted drawings

+while Jamie has been doin his thang on our walls

+after this i never want to see a can & paint brush E.V.E.R again! 

+or clean anything E.V.E.R again

+i successfully managed to find sydneys hottest tradies to help out (pat on the back for me)

+more maaden goodness in our bathroom

+pretty much been living on the tradies diet.. i dont think any woman has ever digested the amount of pies that yours truly has done this week. 
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Pies.
 errrrryyyyyy day!

+we even had a super famous tradie who likes long walks on the beach and occasionally being photographed for the paper wearing a tutu while showing off his massive kiwi guns.

+his name is luke, facebook him he's a total babe and single ladies ;)

I know i say this after every renovation i do but im retiring after this and becoming a housewife.
My nails are ruined. My hair is ruined. My whole body is ruined. 
But on the upside, im pretty much a fully qualified carpenter/ painter and all round fix it person after this. Throw anything my way and i 100% guarantee il be able to fix/ build it.

Next week is 
so fuck me, i don't even get a rest and time to repaint my nails dammit! 

As usual il be giving an insight into my (less glamorous) side of
MBFW and bringing you a buyers edition, as im sure you will get every other cat & dog that is a blogger give you "the highlights" and "runway pics of the week" and all that shit that most buyers don't even get a chance to enjoy... For us its showings, showings, showings!
Il run you through what its like from a buyers point of view, and that aint no front seat runway action thats for sure!

Stay tuned kool kats ima gonna try get this bloody store open so you 
can all see the new look!! 

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i think im slightly high off all the paint fumes
ok bye.