jesus almighty.what a week.
what a god damn never ending week.
running between shows back to tradie lyf at the store was pretty damn exhausting.

Il just cut straight to it shall i, as im sure most of you are well aware of my opinion of Australian fashion.

So instead of being a negative nelly and having a pointless rant il just show you who i thought made the cut in +estateofmind eyes with a few lookbook & runway snaps from runway shows to showings.


Her show had a 90's surfer/ cyber babe/ springbreakers vibe to it, so naturally we fucking loved it.
Its so good to see that the same young designer i met 2 years ago after her graduates show and put her first ever collection in my store has now evolved into this awesome human being slash fuckoff amazing designer who gets to have her very own show in MBFWA!
Pat on the back for you gurl!

(runway pics from marie claire)

I had my buyers showing monday, and holy mother of god- i looked like a kid being let wild in a candy store. SUCKS MAJOR ASS we have to wait till summer to be able to wear this incredible collection.

Here's a few of our fave pieces from the collection 




(pic stolen from internet)




Can't wait till im at that point in my business to be able to fly over for all the international fashion trade events where the clothing styles is a little more "us".

But till then, showings via email it is.


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