I practically live for dress up parties, just mention the word fancy dress and 
whoever or whatever party it is
I.M .T.H.E.R.E!
So of course Halloween is always the best fucking night of my life and the fact that it always goes for a whole week with parties and not just one night is even more fabulous!

When the Emma Mulholland Iguana beaded dress came in, not only did i think 
"fuck i need this in my life" 
but also thought it'll make a wicked Lizard Bitch outfit for halloween- SOLD.
Teamed it with my Escada yellow print jacket, some banging heels and voila!
(My forgotten Make-up degree also came in handy finally.)

And so i partied the night away with a junkie zombie, ghetto Ziggy & pedo pooh bear!


The team got down and dirty (literally) last night at thursday night hotspot chinga's!!
Lets just say we did crown street proud- represent!

(before & after shot) yea who da boss!!!


We took part in Jesse Willesee's Haunted Hotel wednesday night, a live photography event were heaps of cool shit goes down. Our room directed and brought to life by our main man Matt, was something like a hipsters wonderland.
Models wore all +ESTATEofMIND. 
Here's a sneak peek of photo's taken by Gaviriel Maynard for The Cobrasnake.

a BIG THANKS to our banging team- 

+MODELS: Naomi Fitzgerald De Grave,
 Kyye Reed, Laura Lou & Austin Bell.

+HAIR: Kyye Reed for Prema 

+MAKE-UP: Tori Greenwell & Evelyn Willing

+ART: The Dirt & Simon Lovelace

And Matt & Kam for pulling it all together, Hi-5's all round!

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