Fuck, its getting hot. 
Not a massive fan of summer as the hotter it gets the less you wear and quiet frankly 
iv always been a fan of layering up and wearing a million things at once.
It's just way more fun.

These wedges by Kobe Husk, are soooo damn comfortable!  
They took the cool ass tribal weave from last season (that went effing nuts) and made it into a cute wedge style for summer.
Comfortable, gives you height it your a short ass, awesome colour- 
gets my tick of approval! 

+Wearing: Love & Anarchy high-waisted shorts, minty meets munt metallic tanks, Nay Yan necklace,
Kobe Husk Wedges and House of Holland Cagefighter sunnies.

Love & anarchy, Nay Yan, Kobe Husk & House of Holland are available in store
& selected pieces online.

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