Im officially a collector of moo moo's, and im not ashamed of it!
Because A). They come in various cool ass colours & patterns.
     B).  It hides your lady lumps if you aint up for showing them off
C). Worn with the right shoes & accessories they are fucking hot!

Whats a moo moo you ask?
Definition: Moo Moo (or if from Hawaii, Muu muu)
A loose shapeless dress of Hawain origin, often worn by morbidly obese persons & grannies due
 to the fact it's basicaly a large sack with arm and head holes which is easy to
 throw on and comes in bright colours and exhilerating patterns..

ummm whats not to love about that!

+Wearing: Handmade leopard moo moo (coming soon to +estateofmind)
Splice tie up flats, handmade feather necklace,
various Maskarada necklaces & Chase.Dakota silver cuffs (all available in store now)
Beasts of Peace ring (coming soon).

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