Today is casual wednesday for three reasons.
1. woke up too late.
2. didn't do my laundry
3. Sometimes i feel i get too dressed up for an early week day- 
I mean seriously, sometimes/ all the time, i am the only one on crown st wearing fur, 6inch heels, multi coloured attire, lipstick and a smile on my face on a mon/ tues or wed.
I can't help it if im a little excited with life and enjoy looking like im off to go party at studio 54 with the cast off Seaseme St. 
 Todays life lesson: Don't be so serious in life, express yourself, be a misfit! 

On a lighter note,wanna see what a weirdo with a pink top knot that acts like a massive special child in front a camera looks like?
See below...

+Wearing: Ksubi denim jacket (remember when is was Tsubi??i actually had to google them to see which one it was haha),  assorted cheap tops layered, estateofmind leggings, 
assorted my secret agent lover man & maskarada bracelets, watch from china town, 
my secret agent lover man yellow tassel earring, nay yan necklace and atoll scarf.

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