This morning i counted over 30 pairs of pants/ leggings in my wardrobe.
I guess you can say im a hoarder of all things 2 legged.
Iv never been much of a skirt/ dress girl, especially in my older age and with everything heading south
you dont want to be flaunting that shit.
Plus they are waaaaaaaay to comfortable, you can slip em' on, slip em' off, 
you dont have to worry whether your cellulite aka cottage cheese is showing, 
you can sit spread eagle and still (kinda) look like a lady, 
they flutter every body shape- if worn correctly, and most importantly you can strut like a boss down the street with out fear of the wind blowing and revealing your lady bits! 

+Love Story Fur Gilet

+Nay Yan necklace

+Mies Nobis Rabben ring- brass

+Wearing: Topshop leggings, American apparel jumper, LoveStory fur gilet,
Nay Yan necklace, Mies Nobis ring and Atoll Scarf.

+Got a Pants addiction like me? Then check out  all our pants in store, readily available for 
you to obsess about! 
Here's our top picks:
+AMAR robbin leggings

 +SOOT in your face leggings

+AMAR armoury pants- burgundy

+NONE THE RICHER studded dreamers pants

+MOK THEOREM return to nowhere shorts- Taupe/ Fuchsia

+SERPENT & THE SWAN velvet petal leggings- Gold/ Black 

+DANIEL PALILLO spike leggings

+SERPENT & THE SWAN fake love lace leggings

+ESTATEofMIND skull&bones leggings- Khaki/ Black

+WONDERSCEASE gold Capri's

All available instore and (selected items) online.

Adios amigo xx

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