On the weekend me and the boy took a road trip up to the 
hunter valley for a friends wedding
in the beautiful Margan Vineyard in Broke.

As it was no place for heels and the locals would not appreciate 
cool ass outfits that replicate characters from the muppets,
 here is a few lil instagram pics
of the cute scenery & of us eating and drinking our way
to country life obesity. 

 +sampling the infamous Dr Jurds Jungle Juice

 +cute alpacas that lived on the farm we stayed in-And yes its true they DO spit.

+wedding polaroid fun

+invading wasp nest

 +creative pot plants at its best

+storm clouds rolling in

+coolest mailbox EVER.

+ tasting my first true aussie beer

+ beautiful camilla kaftan

+ the only pic we ended up getting of us both, and this is right when we got home drunk as fuck,
and danes belt half hanging off- pretty much sums up the end of the night.

+ Wearing (at the wedding): Camilla Kaftan, vintage earrings, 
moss by mia & ysl rings,
nine west snakeskin wedge heels.

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