So yea... this happened


And now i need your help.

So.. I bet your thinking "Why the hell do you deserve my vote to win this trip to Japan bitch?" 

Well i'll give you my 2cents worth and tell you why:

1. I've never won anything in my life before,
 i bring this down to being one of the unluckiest persons on planet earth.
True story.

It's fashion culture has been one of my main inspirations for my store since the day i first opened and i have always wanted to go on a buying trip there to not only gain more inspiration for new idea's but to also source new labels from their ever growing talented designers.
But having a small new business, you have to learn to juggle and prioritise the little money you have and going on a buying trip oversea's has just not been on the cards yet, but with this free ticket i could definitely make it happen!

3. I'm one of the only ones entered who obviously doesn't take it so seriously, 
having a bit of fun with answering the questions.

4. I have worked really effing hard the last 3 years to grow my business, with no formal training what so ever, to create a fashion concept store that was different and more catered to a unique crowd. 
This (mostly) one man show has been an experience and also a massive learning curve and i really want to continue with it and grow the business to a whole new level.

5. Bitch needs a break every now and then, it's been three years- just sayin'

6. I'm more than willing to give my first born child for a vote.

7. It's pretty damn embarrassing publicity pleading for votes, 
at least feel sorry for me and chuck me one for going all out and trying ..

8. I'm batman in drag... COME ON -WHO COULD BEAT THAT?

9. I have goals, and winning this trip to Japan is one of them so vote or die. 

Go on, help a sista out and vote for my blonde ass!
Just click the link below and press the heart 'like' button to vote 


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