We here at +ESTATEofMIND are always looking for the next trend, the weirder, the whackier and the most fabulous. To do this, we're always keeping our eye out for outstanding people who share the same FUCK BASIC BITCHES mentality that we hold. Here are a few people/sites that we frequent to keep in the know, make sure we know the 411 and know the cool jams you kids listen to these days.

This bitch is killing it. One of the better stylists we have come across in a while. If there was one way we could describe her styling... on point. Absolutely. On. Point.

This babe model/fashion blogger/dream husband can not put a foot wrong. He is always wearing the best brands, follows some amazing underground designers and just knows what the heck is up. If you want to see what the rest of the world is doing in terms of #fashun, and see some epic runway pics as well as check out his style/him in general, follow his sexy a$$ on Instagram @markymarcfashion

The guys over at Feel The Future run a fucking sweet slice of internet. Apart from Renee and Gibson being insanely radical themselves, a few of our friends (inc the Iranian Princess, Newsha Syeh, the stunning Valentina Ruby and the badass bitch Ebony ALIENBABE Gallant) feature on their site a bit too. The quality of the editorials on their site is unrivalled, with every shoot bringing something new to the table and really expanding our minds. 
If you want some well spent time browsing the interweb, head on over and check out their gear.

The Sydney/Aussie Kings of Techno share their Vibe Council magic on possibly the best Soundcloud channel known to man. If you love Techno like we do, MTK XTC NRG is the place to be. The boiz behind this amazing music play once a month, summoning the most powerful force in Techno to attend the Council Chambers and UNTZ the night away. If you're ever looking for a rad party, hit them up on Facebook, give them your money and rep your brand new +ESTATEofMIND threads until the sun comes up.


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