Today's blog post is written by this weeks intern bitch James. He is here all this week helping around the store so we got him to pick out his top four favourite prints in store now, and the his top four prints coming soon and pair them with a song that would go with the piece of clothing.. So without further a-du, intern bitch, take it away.

Prints On Sale Now

1:  Henry Godzilla - Leigh is Free Tee

This trippy acid print is my favourite print in stock now. It kind of hurts your eyes but in a good way. In a way that when you walk down oxford street in broad daylight wearing this piece, the people will part as you walk through. It's like you radiate a "trip". Defiantly a good thing.
The song i have chosen to go with this piece is called "Bathsalts" by Blank Banshee

You can buy this piece Here 

2: W.I.A. - Catnel Bomber  

 This piece is a wonder on earth. Seriously getting some attention if you're gonna wear this out. Attention and compliments. This piece is a serious must have, so get in quick before we run out of stock!
The song i have chosen for this piece is called "Speak Nuh" by Fantastic Mr. Fox. Chill song i think suits the bomber very nicely. 

You can buy this piece Here

3: Human Potential - Chain Print Shorts

Now I'm gonna say this about all the pieces i post because they're all fabulous, but this piece has a special place in my heart. Mainly because of my love for anything chain print. This classic print is timeless and I'm so glad it's making a return in fashion at the moment because it is such a versatile print.
The song that i have chosen to pair with this piece is called "Sprint" by Odette. I actually produced this song and music video and think that this piece of clothing pairs well with the metallic kind of sound of the song.
I also make music under the name j.m.j.m. so if you want to check out my tunes click Here and to view my facebook page, click Here

You can go buy this piece Here

4: W.I.A. - Lips Leggings

This fun print is very workable. You can pair it with a lot of things but it still manages to pop without clashing. I love the neon qualities that it holds and the way it stands out. This piece would defiantly be the showcase of an outfit.
The song i have chosen to go with this print is "Wut" by Le1f. This song if fun like the leggings. Not to serious but still gets your attention.

You can go buy this piece Here

In Store Soon

1: Roberto Piqueras - Pop 3D Print

This print is a new discovery of mine and a new favourite. I'm loving the world of piqueras and his prints. This one is on order and should be in store soon.
The song i have chosen for this piece is "Bring The Noize" by the one and only Queen Matangi (M.I.A.) I chose it because the clothes has a real London vibe like this song/video and i thought they would pair very nicely together.

2: KTZ Gate Print

This print is one of the more elegant of the new stock that's coming soon. It has a very Versace type print on it. Very royal, very regal. Classy bitchezz.
The song i have chosen for this piece is called "Oedo 606" by Surkin. This song is very funky very smooth and i think very elegant. Just like the clothes.

3: Emma Mulholland - The Rainbow Trout Print

This piece is by Australian designer, Emma. A recent debut at the Mercedes fashion week, this print has spread like wild fire all over the Internet which has made it one of the most highly anticipated collections of this season.
The song i have chosen for this piece is called "Marijuana" by Chrome Sparks.This song is just pure bliss, hence the title.

4: Proud Race - Heavy Metal Print

This is one of the more state-mental prints that are coming in. With heavy metal written in English but with Arabic font, and then with other words in the Arabic language written on them, this calls for some controversy but is a brave statement on behalf of Proud Race.
The song i have chosen to pair with this piece is called "Rule The World" by Somalian sister duo Faarow. Defiantly the type of anthem to pair with this loud print.

So there you go. My top four prints in store and coming soon matched with the best songs to go with your piece. 

and now for your enjoyment, some gifs of Miley Cyrus at the VMA's the other night :D xx Enjoy.



If you came to our W.I.A Ghetto Party last Thursday night, you would of noticed 
a crazy amount of cool drawings on our floor.
Well this was all done by uber cool Artist Egy Boy (from store label Mother Eleganza.) 
the night before.
 And 10 giant Posca pens later, i now have a sick as fuck floor 


All pics taken by Rasaj




To set the party mood at this Thursday nights W.I.A Collection Launch, 
our homies over at
have jumped on board the hipster train to supply you\ party goers with the finest tequila juice going round.

And to be quiet frank, anyone who gets Rick Genest to do promo shit for them 
must be a demi god! 

And to prove they are good friendly amigo's, they are giving away one of their fine bottles

All you gotta do is follow their Facebook & Instagram (@alacranaustralia)  
 and a winner will be chosen at random! 


(poster by cool ass kid Elliot at Meatsauce)



actually creaming my pants doing this order..


Selected pieces coming soon to +ESTATEofMIND for high summer
( round xmas...)

Shop current KTZ on our online store here.



So yea... this happened


And now i need your help.

So.. I bet your thinking "Why the hell do you deserve my vote to win this trip to Japan bitch?" 

Well i'll give you my 2cents worth and tell you why:

1. I've never won anything in my life before,
 i bring this down to being one of the unluckiest persons on planet earth.
True story.

It's fashion culture has been one of my main inspirations for my store since the day i first opened and i have always wanted to go on a buying trip there to not only gain more inspiration for new idea's but to also source new labels from their ever growing talented designers.
But having a small new business, you have to learn to juggle and prioritise the little money you have and going on a buying trip oversea's has just not been on the cards yet, but with this free ticket i could definitely make it happen!

3. I'm one of the only ones entered who obviously doesn't take it so seriously, 
having a bit of fun with answering the questions.

4. I have worked really effing hard the last 3 years to grow my business, with no formal training what so ever, to create a fashion concept store that was different and more catered to a unique crowd. 
This (mostly) one man show has been an experience and also a massive learning curve and i really want to continue with it and grow the business to a whole new level.

5. Bitch needs a break every now and then, it's been three years- just sayin'

6. I'm more than willing to give my first born child for a vote.

7. It's pretty damn embarrassing publicity pleading for votes, 
at least feel sorry for me and chuck me one for going all out and trying ..

8. I'm batman in drag... COME ON -WHO COULD BEAT THAT?

9. I have goals, and winning this trip to Japan is one of them so vote or die. 

Go on, help a sista out and vote for my blonde ass!
Just click the link below and press the heart 'like' button to vote