The one thing i love about my store is that most my customer's have become involved somehow.  
Exhibit A:
Vlad- a random lil cool kid that pops in every now and then, attends my parties with his crew, and often a (major) fan of my often goodlookin' interns, hence the main reason i think he visits so often. 
Vlad ain't no photographer but fuck, he can take clearly take a good one

Exhibit B:
Sammy- Also attends my parties, often models for our online store and has even assisted me with photoshoots and an all round babe who you can always count on to tell a good story.

Get the two strangers together, give them a product and voila! you end up with this 
editorial shoot!


Photography Vladimir Mendigorin
Model Samantha Chadwick @ The Wolves
Scarves Roberto Piqueras from +estateofmind

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