Since i currently look like im related to the oompa loompa tribe,
im way to embaressed to be doing outfit posts
i have decided to share with you, who exactly are my fashion gods that inspire me to dress 
the way i do.
Call me weird, call me fabulous (preferably), call me what ever
the hell you want- as i dont really care.
But i dress the way i want, 
i dont follow shit trends you see in fashion mags-cos its apparently "cool"
 i make my own-
that suit me, that show my personality,
that are FUN and make getting up at 6am every morning worth it.


Jeremy Scott


Tokyo Street style

London- Carnaby street style

Mexico Day of the dead

+Music Artists:


Before Lady gaga there was: 

Karen O- Yeah Yeah Yeah's

Roisin Murphey


Becker man sisters- Beckerman Bite Plate

Leandra Medine- The Man Repeller

+Woman of the world:

Anna Dello Russo
Daphne Guinness


Salvador Dali

Frida Kahlo

Who inspires you.....?

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