Ok boys & girls, lovers & haters
so my tandori tan has FINALY disappeared
well sort of, now im left looking like i have some hideous
skin disease booooooo
Anywho im back bitches!!

Feeling a tad like a lil french school girl today!

+Wearing: Vintage poka dot jumpsuit from Uturn, Hype Dc shoes,
Moss by Mia feather necklace and Ginny & Jude straw hat 
(both available in store & online click here)
Abe & Sara vintage specs.

Yesterday's outfit post//:  +Folding Universe

 + p.s how effing cool are these?? I originally bought as a present for my boyfriend but the dick never wears them and so i stole them back!  I picked them up at an Antique store- they are old Tibetan skull beads carved from bone and semi precious stones made by the monks to remind them that all life must come to an end one day .

+Wesaring: Black milk universe tights, +ESTATEofMiND black shirt,
Nu + Nan buckle shoes, Sophia Fitzpatrick & Beasts of Peace rings,
Tibetan skull bracelets.

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