So many times we have mentioned our little  philosophy 
"Wear what the fuck YOU wanna wear, NOT what a magazine
says you should be wear"

And quiet frankly, why would you wanna wear an outfit 50,000 women
are probably going to try and rock this weekend.

So now you're probably asking "where is she going with this" 
im not exactly sure but i just wanted to say my lil quote to remind ppl
to give young emerging designers a chance and to not be such
a label whore.

Speaking of emerging designers, man do we have some cool ass ones
being introduced to the store this season.
(And this time we will be welcoming a few international underground labels.)

Hailing from the UK (one half of the design duo is aussie) this accessories label ooses 
pure awesomness! Where do i start, shit just look at it!

Sydney shoe label that produces some seriously wicked shoes that
show Peep toe how to really party.

These cute lil sydney sister's give us something really worth stealing
daddys credit card for. 

Chic new label from chic sydney gals yet again! 

By far the coolest label to come out of Helsinky!
I wet my pants just looking at the look books.

Oh to be sure, to be sure, these little poppettes come from Ireland and make awesome scarves and stuff.

Again, yet another uber cool womens label from Sydney

Im not 100% where these cool cats hail from but im thinking Perth..?
Who cares there shit's cool.

Get sock happy with this cuties all the way from California baby!

And another sydney womens label!

Ths gorgeous Sydney girl handmakes all these hot mutha f*%$#@!

Berlin based, sydney beauty is the brains behind this simple yet chic jewellery label.


Come in and check it out or jump online to our website or Facebook page 

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