Well as you all know its that time of year again,
where we wake up at 5.30 each morning to create envy worthy out-fits, eat only lettuce leaves, 
stock up on party feet gel pads, do a million air-kisses per day,
tweet and facebook the fuck out of ourselves, drink a million bottles of san pellegrino,
spend thousands on cab rides,  run from one hotel suite to another then back down to 
Circular Quay in a matter of minutes, 
 pretend to remember ppl faces (when really we have no idea who the f they are?)
and most importantly we get to preview up coming collections for 
Spring Summer 12/13.
Welcome to Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Australia

Im sure most bloggers go full on and talk shit about "how amazeballs" each show is and
how "its totes the highlight of the week" but seeing as im not really
a blogger im going to take you on a buyers ride of the fashion week train.

I don't go to a zillion shows, cos really whats the point? Im here to view to buy, not to be seen or photographed at as many shows as possibly looking cool as fuck. 
Not my scene at all. Call me weird.
My week is all about showings, showings, showings, 4 runway shows and more showings.
Shangri La is my new hang out.

So after molesting my wardrobe and throwing every cool underground label and designer piece i own on the bed, i had a fun yet tiring and stressful morning trying to come up with some 
fun outfits. Must admit todays is pretty tamed as i only had showings-
don't wanna waste all the good outfits haha

+Wearing: Motel pants, Dotti yellow boots (these will be getting a big work out this week), Therese Rawsthorne jacket, i.d.s black tank, vintage Mochino bag, My Secret Agent Lover Man necklace,
Ysl ring, Prada Sunglassses & my Apple ipad ofcourse!

First stop on this fashionisto's train wreck ride is:

+IVANA&KATERINA swimwear showing
This cute lil swimwear label hails from S.A, and how adorable are the clash of colours & prints! LOVE!
*sneak peek*

+TALULAH women's wear showing
Ummm those printed pants! i want! NOW!
I'l never give up my love of colour.. 
*sneak peek*

+W.I.A mens & women's wear skype showing
These crazy cats from Barcelona really know how to do a boss print! Where do i start, this look book
had me peeing my pants with excitement!
*sneak peek*

+SOOT women's wear Skype showing
This Brisbane label has one of the best lookbooks i have ever seen! As you can prob tell im 
all about prints this coming season. im literally going fking nuts for it.
*sneak peek*

+TALULAH runway show
+SONG FOR A MUTE runway show
+EMMA MULHOLLAND women's wear showing
+COLLECTING PRETTY BOYS mens&women's showing

toodles xx


  1. Awesome post. I loved the perfect opening description of fashion week. Will continue reading as the week unfurls x

  2. Il try my best to keep it entertaining and read worthy :)

  3. Sylvie, you write like a fully sick version of Ab Fab = awesome. Drooling over the ridiculous prints and outfits for next season. BRING IT! xxx

  4. Holy shit that's THE BEST compliment a girl who can't write could EVER get haha thanks lover xxxxx