One thing i noticed today down at MBFW was how
nearly every 10th girl was wearing a different version of the
Isabel Marant Willow sneakers.
Last year every cat & dog had the Alexander Wang Diego bag, so i guess the sneakers must
be this years "must buy to make everyone think im really cool" item.

+Wearing: Perks & Mini tropical leggings, American Apparel Slouch tee, 
Dotti cheap as shit yellow boots, +ESTATEofMIND beanie, I Envy Alex faux fur bag,
Kate McCoy Necklace.

Im not really dressing any different from what i usually wear am i...? meh this is my style im not going to dress up and pretend im a big deal just for one week when really im not.

On today's list: 

+EMMA MULHOLLAND mens&women's wear showing
Fuck me, this girl just keep's getting better and better. Emma's designs are the EXACT image we try and portray here in the shop- Quirky. Eccentric. Colourful. And to make things better she has designed some mens wear too!!
Boys you no longer have to squeeze into those super slim girls garments.
*sneak Peek*

Being with us from the very start, Toby has gone from strength to strength with each collection outdoing the last! Titled "Desirable Darkness" this collection shows a good mix of
blacks, metalics and even a splash of colour! 
*sneak peek*

+COLLECTING PRETTY BOYS mens& women's wear showing
To be honest i wouldn't have a clue about this label as im doing a showing before i see the show! 
I know they are from Melbourne and thats about it! My showing is late tonight so tomorrow il have some sneak peek pics!
+TALULAH runway show
Yesterday we had the showing, today was the show! 
Using LOTS of colour & prints (my 2 fav things), this collection is a little bit
sports luxe + a lil bit neon raver
*Sneak Peek*

 Iv never been into strappy heels, but these hot lil stud muffins i may just 
change for.

Due to Matt being a Lazy dick and not going to the Song For A Mute show, we have no sneak peeks for that! soz!

P.s i just want to apologies, for the first time i actually read a few of my posts- and my god i have a filthy mouth! I didn't realise i swore so much ahahaah and jesus don't even get me started on my spelling and grammar! But hey i know im no real blogger (more amateur) and this is more of an added extra insight for my store and what it's about, rather than the full on professional blogger shit thang. so FUCK IT!

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