Im a woman of many bad habits 
(most we wont go into as its just plain embarrassing) 
BUT one bad habit i shall share, and that i just can't kick is dressing appropriately 
for catching public transport... 
Example a). 
I didn't think twice about wearing these latex black pants while getting dressed this morning, however hopping on the train with a few eyes gazing and cookie cutter woman dressed in their little teapot grey matching suits looking astound, i thought
shit! i ain't in surry hills  and i must look like 
a M.A.S.S.I.V.E call girl right now
going home...after a long nights shift.. 
Lucky i have a go-to plan:
Put sunnies on, pump up ipod, head down & pray there are no god damn track delays
or no money offerings.cos i may/or may not take the cash and run..joking.
girl betta WERQ!


+Wearing: I.d.s faux fur jacket, vintage anchor tee, thrifted latex pants, sam edelman harness boots,
Moss by Mia wolf ring, Athinaeum getaway bag.

Who says only street workers can wear red lips, fur & latex on a friday morning.

later xx

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