Going to quiet a few showings before i see the runway shows has 
turned to be a good move, (not only me but others too)  have noticed ALOT of the shows have 
been way over styled. Sometimes it's good to listen to that old tart Coco Chanel and "before you leave the house take one accessory off" or whatever it is... i dont even know if thats by chanel haha
Anyway matter of the point is sometimes less is more!
I know thats a bit rich coming from me as my motto is "before you leave the house, add 5 extra accessories to your outfit" but hey thats just my schizophrenic style and the way i like it but when it comes to selling/ buying clothes i don't want to be shielded from seeing the actually garment or have the attention taken away from looking at the horrid accessory thats been plastered all over it.

Todays outfit:

 +iv been waiting till i was a little more thinner to wear this awesome dress but seeing as thats just not happening anytime this century i thought id rock it out in my "fuller figure" and hope for the best! 
Its by far the coolest item in my wardrobe, i pretty much creamed my pants when it arrived last season, cant believe i haven't worn it yet!

 +Wearing: Emma Mulholland dress & tooth necklace, Therese Rawsthorne jacket
and yes those bloody yellow boots AGAIN!

On today's list:
+NEW GENERATION runway show
*sneak peek*
A professional bloggers photography Vs my (extremely shit) photography skills :
Beautiful sequined and printed garments with a soft feminine touch

                                                       +COLLECTING PRETTY BOYS
Dark edgy rockers using a mix leather,fur and prints.
I lost my shit when i saw that goat hair jacket with dip dyed ends (left pic) 

Again another pretty girly collection, but with a sport luxe feel and these super cute visors.

The (better) pro pics i took from the Breakfast with Audrey facebook page, and i noticed that every time you take a pic from someone else your supposed to credit them or something?? well there you go it's from them..not me.. i said something!

(who made this shit rule up?? who fricken cares where it came from, i doubt anyone really gives a shit! 
just saying...)

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