Today is a little less hectic,
I was starting to get a tad drained runing from showing to showing. Being a buyer is a lot more
brain wrecking then you think. I dont see that glamour side to it, unless im just one super retarded buyer- which is quiet possible seeing as i have never done this before!
 One thing i have learnt is that you really need to pay attention to detail (something iv never been good at as i have the attention span of a goldfish), as its not just the look of a garment thats important- its all the other little things that matter, like fits and sizing, quality of fabrics, would my customers 
fork out there life savings on this item as really there is no point having a shit hot garment sitting on the racks looking all pretty but no one being able to afford it. Its like a massive tease. 
Second thing is your relationshp with both the designers & sales agents. If i think they are as dull as a door knob and they don't understand me and what my store is about then our professional relationship is doomed. Its only been once that i didnt pick up a sick ass label because of the sales agent. She didnt do her homework and was just trying to sell me as much as possible. 
And thirdly, the label name has to be cool. Sounds a bit discrimitive but honestly if someone asked what you wearing and you say "oh its by Pinky Fish" id cringe. they'd cringe.
Its like boys names. No matter how hot the guy is there is no way in hell id shack up with a Donald, or Walter or Rupert or Gazza. You just don't go there. 
(shit i really hope no one reading this is named any of those)

See this is how we roll. All day. Every day. See any glitzglamour to that? Nope neither do i..

Todays outfit:

 +yes i know i have worn the same yellow boots but they just go so well with every out fit so why not wear them 24/7!

 +how fricken awesome is this print!

+Wearing: Vintage Emanuel Ungaro jacket, Jeremy Scott leggings, cotton on baggy tank, 
OS bone necklace, dotti yellow boots, karen walker sunglasses, 
None the Richer pony hair clutch.

Tonight we are attending:
+AN ODE TO NO ONE runway show
+EMMA MULHOLLAND launch party

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