+MIXin' & MATCHin'

Come into my store these days and not only will you see an explosion of 
colour and weird ass designs
(and a hot single blonde bitch at the counter - ha jks)  
you will have also noticed placed high and low are these skull tassel earrings
from the ever lovable label-
My Secret Agent Lover Man.
I often blog about this label, not only cos it's basically some sick ass shit that i wanna be seen wearing
but also cos the designer, Kim uses skulls!! 
Which i don't know if you have noticed the array of dead animal skulls, mexican sugar skulls and pretty much anything that involves skeletal bones of some sort but yea i
Totes dig it.. My mother prob thinks im half goth half harajuku tripper.
On another note if your wondering why im posing 
well unfortunately this is just how i roll and 
I saw on another blog this morning the chick do the whole "hands in the hair" trick- she looked good doing it- me on the other hand - massive FAIL.
Its probably my most hated thing about blogging. posing. i hate the god damn camera. and looking at pics from the weekend it hates me toooo!!! 
sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself. i do it every bloody day! 

+mix & match these cute earrings for a bit of extra fun! 

 +yep they are cows teeth you see right there!
+Wearing: Vintage leather jumper, Cheap as shit printed pants from byron, 
Kobe Husk boots, Emma Mulholland tooth necklace, 
My Secret Agent Lover Man skull tassel earrings.

Kobe Husk & My Secret Agent Lover Man are both available instore & online now. 


+yea you heard me- check it out!!! now!!!

Art work by THE DIRT.

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