I have a bad habit of buying the same thing in 20 million different colours..
Like this basic tank top today.
every month we get a different colour in, so to date i now have this same tank in 
5 different colours..
And 2 new colours just arrived today so count that 7.
Hey if it fits well and goes with everything why not have more than one!

 +winner of the worlds most retarded smile!
 +Wearing: I.d.s beige tank, Michael Lo Sordo silk printed jacket, 2weeks necklace,
american apparel wide leg pants,
Abe & Sara Vintage Specs, Kobe Husk elliah wedges.

Other wardrobe multiples: 
 +WEDGE HEELS same shoe- 4 colours..

 +TURBAN this is only 4 i could find pics of, there is also yellow, black & orange

+MULLET TOP also have 2 other colours in this, sans the stripe.

 this is normal right?

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