Nothing like a bit of s&m for your monday morning! 
Wearing this studded collar kinda makes me feel like im one of those 
weirdo's you see at raves where the woman wears a
 dog collar and lead by the male..
I mean no offence if your into that,
but your seriously fking weird if you are.

+kinda ironic i call ppl who wear dog collars weirdo's 
when quiet obviously im an even bigger weirdo looking at these pic's.

+Wearing: Cheap pants from town hall, vintage leather jumper, 

Other collars available in store from our collaboration with 
How Typical of Metal:

+Black glitter Leather w/ large spike studded back and front stud button 

+White Leather Collar w/ Gold foil tips and stud front button

+Black Rabbit fur collar (leather lined) w/ stud front button 

No cute lil bunnies were harmed in the making of cool ass studded collars, 
so dont go hatin' on the fur.. or me for selling fur..

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