Its cold. its wet. I can't be bothered getting up. Or getting dressed for that matter.
Can we please declare shitty days like this
a "stay home in bed cuddled up to a random hunky piece of man meat" day.
Pretty sure il have a good back up of ppl in on this!

Back to business... Today im rocking those cool printed jeans (again) that 
are not from my shop... hey I can't ALWAYS be wearing cool shit from 
the store- gimme a break!

+yep thats what you call a god damn cuff!!
+Wearing: Motel print jeans, American apparel jumper, 2Weeks spiked cuff,
Kobe Husk Black Piazza boots, Man necklace, cheap scarves from chinatown,
estateofmind black beanie and Henry Holland x Le specs sunnies.

Now where was i...
oh yea thats right, hopping back to bed with any ALL of these lovelies

 +yes PLA-EA-SE!
 +damn right thats MY foot bitch..

 + wouldn't you just die if you woke up to this smile every morning... shit!

+this one may bat for the other team, but il still take it! 

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