Well now that's all over we can all return to our normal average day jobs 
and stop acting like were someone big and important strutting our shit in head to toe designer wear. 
I guess all those "fashion" bloggers must be suicidal now that they have nothing to write about and don't seem as important to the fashion society anymore. i said it BUT you were thinking it! 
haha im mean, im sorry. i love you bloggers. 
i guess im kinda one... but not really.  more a person with too much time on her hands an access to a blog page.

Ok so here we go my sum up of MBFWA:
What did i think: A tad dull
Was i inspired: No, until i saw the pics from Jenny Kee's runway show
My stand outs: Michael Lo Sordo's prints, Flowers for a Vagabond's fringing and metallic's & everything from Romance was Born and Jenny Kee.
Did i pick up any new labels: Nope
One sentence to describe the whole feel of fashion week: very tamed, very safe, VERY SYDNEY!

Now don't get me wrong, im no debbie downer that just goes hatin' on everything, all the collections and runway show's i saw were extremely beautiful collections but as a buyer who is looking to buy for my store in particular, there was hardly anything. As you have seen (hopefully) the style i go for here is a more eccentric slash unique look. I don't buy "safe" garments. I buy garments that are different, that 20 thousand other stores won't have. My customers appreciate design and infuse art into there wardrobes & are not afraid to stand out and look different. They create there own style not follow trends.
But no matter what your style is we do appeal to your normal cookie cutters as well, for some ppl may like to team there more out there items with a pair skinnies and be done with it and look smoking! So cookie cutters don't be afraid to step foot in here, We may look scary in our possum fur scarves and black lips but all our garments & accessories can be dressed up or down depending on who's wearing it and what your style is!

My Fav's:


My very talented friend & sugar daddy has really wowed me this year- those prints ARE SHIT HOT!!!
Can't wait to get our hands on these!
(pics stolen from Breakfast with Audrey & from Michaels facebook page!)

Another very talented friend and a label that has been with us since we opened, were so proud of Toby who has really upped the anti and created some pimpin' hot looks! The fringing and metallics got me jumping for joy!
(pics stolen from the Flower for a vagabond facebook page)

The most inspiring show!  Even though i didn't even attend this show- looking at pics i was dying a little inside. The prints, the styling- everything just has the wow factor!
(pics taken from the Oyster facebook page)

I have always been a keen fan of theirs, im always so excited to see what whacky shit they have designed and what i need to sell my ass on the streets for to be able to save up and buy. 
If only i could stock them in my store.. 
(again pics taken from Oyster facebook)

She didn't show at fashion week this year but i just had to share this with you. Imagined if she did? How many ppl would totally lose their shit at the sight of these heavenly creations! Now this is our kinda style!
HOLY FUCK. we are tres excited.... And boys you can get excited too!

I must say there was one stand out in the New Gen show that i was diggin.This quirky lil label from Melbourne definitely had something i was after and meeting the girls at a showing- i must say it was the funniest & coolest showing i have ever had!

So there you go, my (unimportant) sum up of fashion week.

Until next year
With Love- fashion week hoe 

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