Don't you just love it when you think someone is giving you a compliment
but then you realise its just a knock at you (a few minutes too late..)
Exhibit A). i was minding my own business checking out the racks at lasts
weeks Fashion Weekend ,which was shit mind you- did not buy a thing *gasp!
any who i picked up a grey dress and held it up as you do, and the ever so lovely sales woman says 
"oh it matches your hair". I smirked said thanks and then a few minutes later realised she was making fun off my granny chic do. stupid B****.
Haters gonna be hatin'
(I tend to get a little defensive sometimes haha can you tell?)
Well i guess my hair is pretty darn grey these days.
But fuck it i like it, i couldn't go blue cos Katy Perry ruined it for me and it seems
every other hipster has coloured hair these days but i see no one rocking the grey! 

 +granny colour du jour

+we still have a few pieces of the Maskarada jewels left like these gypsy coin necklaces.

+Wearing: 33Poets jacket, american apparel tee, estateofmind plain black leggings,
cheap boots, maskarada necklaces & moss by mia ring.

Loving this 33poets jacket!! The print is ultra cool and each one is different as they are individually hand dyed!
Available instore now.


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