Iv kinda been dreading, but at the same time psyched over the new
 season starting. 
Excited because it means i can splash out in a whole new wardrobe full of fun prints, different colour palette, not as many layers bla bla bla
Dreading because i hate showing skin and getting my legs out (fat girl problems) which becomes a major problem when its 50 degrees outside and your  trying to look cool whilst sweating like a pig.

I picked up this cute Bec & Bridge maxi the other day. Its fun, colourful and show's only a tiny bit of leg on the side split- perfect for my casual days! 
And goes perfectly with all the brightly coloured My Secret Agent Lover Man jewellery!

+Wearing: Bec & bridge maxi skirt, American Apparel tee, Splice Sandals, YSL ring,
assorted My Secret Agent Lover Man skull bracelets and necklace, Samantha Wills gold bracelet.

This month were looking for some model scrags to star in our
Spring/ Summer Lookbook shoot

Both genders needed
Tatts, coloured hair & piercings encouraged

we're after some real grungy sorts

Is that you? 
Or your mate?

Then watchu waiting for punk- email us!!


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  1. i like your collection. thanks for sharing with us.