Im so not a writer..
or a blogger in fact...
or anything that basically involves writing shit.
 I failed english hardcore at school, i can see why
i just don't have it in me.
How the fk do bloggers think of all these fancy useless words and facts to write about?
Do they sit on their lil free laptops
 (that some business has given them so they will blog about how cool said product is) 
and trawl through other blogs and see what the hot topic is
then decide they are important enough to write their opinions on it.
It's all cool and read worthy if each blogger wrote about something different
but when you see in your newsfeed  and every second person is doing a post on the latest bloody
Prada runway show.. then it kinda gets boring and 
groundhog day-esq.

This is why i blog about shit. useless day to day shit.
like what im wearing. Stuff about the store. General shit in life.

+Wearing: Glasson cheap as shit jeans, I.d.s parrot shirt, boots w/ sam elderman harness',
Angle Diamond Dot charmer tassel (or as we like to call it "the vajazzle dangler tassel").

+I.d.s & Angle Diamond Dot both available in store now+

On another note, 
all new summer arrivals are in store and 
to be online! 

So much rad shit coming your way... each week we'll be dropping a new piece of amazement.

A few things im hell excited on:
+BITCHING & JUNKFOOD myan headpiece- instore now

+BITCHING & JUNKFOOD Lala catsuit- instore now

+BOL$HIE platform sneakers- coming soon

+NVRMND yin & yan tote bags- coming soon

+M.Y.O.B egyptian eyes earrings- coming soon

+many more..

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