we raided the Daiso isles, 
hogged the disabled toilet,
  went up the mall escalators atleast 3 times
and basically ran a-muck at the mall..

Here's the outcome.

Betsy wears ASSK plastic crop (coming soon to the online store), 
Bitching & Junkfood mesh L/sleeved top and Denim Dollar Bills shorts.

ASSK ruckus crop tee, Bitching & Junkfood bernini skirt,
 OS silver bone chain necklace & lunar bird bracelets.

ASSK moto x tee and Emma Mulholland mr squiggle backpack

Emma Mulholland troppo trout backpack

Roberto Piqueras dream dali vest, OS cosmic heart earrings & lunarbird bracelets

Photographer: Chloe Nour
Styling: Jess Kelly
Edits & Creative Direction: Sylvie Cornu

All clothing +ESTATE of MIND

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