This year, we only attended a small handful of shows at the
Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Australia.


due to most Australian labels not being to our particular buying style.

Iv never really got into Fashion Week, mostly because i found after attending for the last 3 years it's becoming more and more of a bloggers playground with a bunch of show ponies, prancing around in threads they don't even personally own [cos really who the fuck has that kinda money to spend].

These days, it's mostly full of 'well known' bloggers, 'wanna be known' bloggers, 'faux' bloggers, a bunch of celebs [who i have no idea who they are] who sit front & second row's.
Mag editors, Buyers, Stylists [& ppl who think they are Stylists] and shit load of 'do you even work in the fashion industry' ppl sit third-forth row.

Now i get the purpose of them [bloggers], but every man & his dog is a blogger these days and they seem to have taken away the exclusiveness of what fashion week used to be.
It used to be only for 'actual' media and buyers etc etc, now you just have to say you have a blog and bam you get a pass! 

As a buyer, sometimes i wish these events focused more on us, why not give us exclusive access backstage to take pics, gift bags or give us front row seats.
We are the ones that actually buy the collections making it accessible to the consumer to buy and in the end make you rich aren't we? 

But as much as i rant on about bloggers and how slightly unimpressed i am with mbfwa sometimes, i do like it, but the one thing i do love most- is the chance to meet other buyers, industry ppl.
This year i had the pleasure of finally meeting;
+mega bae Poppy Lissamen who owns a pretty fuckin rad store with a similar vibe to mine.
+local neighbouring blondie Meg Whaite who owns Baby likes to Pony.
+bad bitch, and all time awesome gal Ainsley Hutchence from Sticks & Stones Agency
+and the crew from Moustache Magazine

It's good to meet and get support from others in the industry who don't see you as competition, but more as another creative team member playin the game, who can give a bit of inspiration here and there.

Here's my week in pics:


we assisted backstage for good friend Michael Lo Sordo

Ciara Nolan, one of our faves from the Innovators show.

where's our Merc?? real bitches who ride in their own cars.

Di$count pretty much owned the whole fuckin event with their runway show.

a whole lot of basics gettin papped

Dyspnea was definitely a standout in the New Gen Show



FINALLY got a good front row seat at Emma Mulholland!! 

not all the animals out front husslin to get your pic are bad.. check out our mate Dan Hilburn 
Street Style Snaps for Fuucking Young Mag.

And yea i might not be the biggest fan of most bloggers, but there are some good ones out there that are interesting, have good original style, write decent content about labels they are actually are passionate about and not just writing cos they gave them free shit [i find that so fake] 

I'm just still trying to find these ones..

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