I noticed when ever bloggers miss a day or don't post for a while, they apologise and make up some shit they were "on holiday in Paris" or "at a work conference in London" 
bla bla bla...
Well im sorry i don't have no fancy reasons, i was just too lazy and simply forgot.
But here is yesterdays outfit post.

better late than never..

+Wearing: Vintage jacket from uturn (i know i only wore this in last weeks post but its a new wardrobe items and i loves), vintage leopard shirt, flower headband worn as a tie/necklace, leggings from blackmilk, shoes from hype dc,  rings by, marc jacobs, ysl, diva and MOSS by Mia (from +ESTATEofMIND).

I sincerely apologise for my lack of being able to pose... im hoping the more i blog the better my pics will become..stay tuned freaks xxx

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