+MORE IS MORE: woolie warmers at their finest

Today i tried my best to NOT wear pants and a blazer as i have been unawarely of late..
And with it being so god damn cold, there was only one outfit option pliable for the job-
one MASSIVE wooly jumper and LOTS OF FRICKEN LAYERS!!   

+Wearing: Minty meets munt wooly jumper w/ pom pom detail, asos skirt, Ghoullery necklaces and MOSS by Mia rings (from +ESTATEofMIND), target boots and a thousand pairs of stockings and thermal tops underneath!
I know this outfit does absolutely nothing for my figure, but when its this bloody cold i simply just don't give a fuck if i give the abdominal snowman a run for his money..
my new chanel nailpolish

Target boots- best $25 ever spent!

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