Happy Bastille day bitches..!!!
Today it' all about getting in touch with your inner frenchy... 
Or for me it's just another holiday that gives me an excuse to dress in theme!
Do i look french..??
What about now...???

 totes do.......

+Wearing: Vintage red jacket from uturn, tops from Minty meets munt, Keith Haring x Jeremy Scott pants, Freelance shoes (cheap rip-off's of the Hype dc ones i have), Layered necklaces by Ghoullery (from +ESTATEof MIND) and Who is dead Martin?, rings from MOSS by Mia (at +ESTATEofMIND)

Small hand syndrome from my mama..
Frenchness from my papa

No french people where hurt/or harmed in the making of this blog.

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