I have a really REALLY bad habit of buying/wearing the same item but
in 20 different colours
eg//: Hype DC wedges worn ALL of last year in which i had 4 colours in.
My new "let's buy 3 pairs of the same shoe" obsession are these 
KOBE HUSK elliah wooden wedges!
They are sure comfy, look super hot and come in Black, Taupe & Brown.
Perfect colours to match all outfits!
If its comfy & look good, why not! 
 +Only wore this for half the day but though it deserved to be included as its a totally kick ass earring and looks like a long fish Tail..! 

 +obsession of the year- Kobe Husk elliah wooden wedges!

 +here's a cool tip- buy 2 of the same bracelet and wear them as cuffs on top of your shirts!!

+Wearing: Vintage leopard shirt, Khaki playsuit from a trip to LA, spike cuffs from dangerfield,
Elgar & Lyle temple necklace, Kate McCoy single earring, Kobe Husk elliah wedges,
Moss by mia lion ring, Henry Hollad x Le Specs sunnies.

All Kate McCoy, Elgar & Lyle, Kobe Husk, Henry Holland and Moss by Mia items are available in store only.


  1. cool wedges, i like strappy designs.

  2. Lovin' the store, blog and personal style. Keep rockin'! Listed you as a stockist on my post on Phoenix Keating-

    Hopefully at least someone will read my damn blog and think to scoot round and have a look!