Surprised i actually managed to get myself dressed this morning
considering i was pretty much drunk still this morning! Even though i was in bed by 2!
Old age hits you hard once you hit 26.

So after nearly a year of being a fake blogger and doing outfit posts, store posts, whatever the f**k is on my mind posts, iv come to realise that the blog world is really really strange place.

Exhibit A). i think its extremely weird that a lot of bloggers tend to think they are someone special just because they have a blog and will write about you.
B). i think its even weirder that they expect free shit for  blogging about you.. I didnt ask you douchebag! 
C). whats with this whole business " follow my blog and il follow yours" shit..?
I DONT CARE if you dont follow my blog!! its not a god damn numbers contest.
D). if your going to post something why not make it unique and different. I decided to look up other "well known" bloggers see what they write about (so i can see just how weird i am compared to them)
and about 5 them posted about the same thing..same photo's...same subject.. arrgghh boring!

Anywho i guess il never understand the bloggers world as im never going to be one. Im more than happy posing as a fake retarded blogger who has fun and writes about absolute shit that really no one cares about but read it cos its funny or just plain stupid.
No offence to real bloggers that may just happen to read this. Not all of you are mentally disabled and boring so please ignore my little rant.

 +Wearing: Vintage shirt, Shorts from Urban outfitters,
Kate McCoy rose gold belt, Sole Society shoes, Abe&Sara vintage specs

(Items by Kate McCoy, Sole Society and Abe&Sara specs are all available in store only)