Most recently you would have noticed that for the last few months
i have none stop been wearing an arm party's worth of
assorted skull bracelets..
WELL that super cute label is... ready for it... 
My Secret Agent Lover Man!
Hailing from cool kids world- Melbourne
this lil label gives me a shit attack every time i open the mail full of goodies for the store!
Its just so... cool and cute and colourful and affordable , so basically da shit!

 don't think il be joining the cast of Moulin Rouge any time soon..

No im not engaged, i just like to wear rings on my wedding finger and pretend my bf and i are engaged cos really il be 100 by the time he gets round to it...
Yea he thinks im fucked in the head too.

 +assorted skull bracelets
 +spike necklace
 +flower chakra necklace- green
+pepper skull necklace
 +flower chakra necklace- yellow
 one big happy family hanging on the wall

 +Wearing: vintage skirt, asos top, Kobe husk wedges, Beasts of Peace ring,
Henry Holland x Le specs sunglasses,
My secret Agent Lover Man assorted bracelets & necklace.

Kobe Husk, My secret Agent Lover Man, Henry Holland and Beasts of Peace items are all availbe instore now =)
(*soon online)

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