The last couple of days iv been in a frock block and just wearing boring black on black because i 
A).  can't be bothered  and  B) can't be bothered.

(frock block = equivalent to a writers block but replace the problem of not being able to think of anything to write to not being able to think of something to wear)

I guess sometimes you reach an age in life, where you just stop caring, you feel your too old to dress hipster and cool, like its going to waste as you don't go out as much and socialise like your Paris fking Hilton. And most importantly you have bigger things to worry about like business strategies then what coloured pants would team best with your new fab jacket & vintage sequined cami  you found in a Vinnie's bin while on your way home from a night out one morning..

Physically im not really THAT old but mentally (thanks to having a business and being forced to grow up) i feel like im 27 going on 40. 


So i guess take this as a lil warning, my dress sense is dulling slightly, thank goodness im a long way from being a boring old cookie cutter though!

 +My Secret Agent Lover Man "Pop Rock" necklace & Skull Tassel earrings available in store now

+Wearing: cheap purple chino's , minty ments munt striped crop (virginie lynn tee underneath), 
michael lo sordo white blazer, my secret agent lover man necklace & tassel earrings,
nine west heels, Abe&sara vintage shades.

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