Yesterday was about me.
Today is about the guy you mostly see in the store-
Mr Matt Priesz
(the really tall guy with a deep voice)

Menswear Buyer / Instore experience

+How tall are you:
About 6'3"

+Your style:
A Rick Owens mindset with a twist of Harajuku, throw in an unhealthy obsession with sneakers and you'd be getting close.

+What inspires you:
Creative people with vision, the art deco movement, innovative architecture and an earful of hip hop.

+Why do you like working here:
Creative freedom and the opportunity to be part of a great team, working to build something unique, collaborative and fuckin' revolutionary!

+Favourite men's labels coming this Spring Summer12/13: 






+Hating' on:
Reality TV and the Beiber effect

+Obsessed with:
Innovative and experimental fashion, sneakers, ridiculous idea's taken to completion

+Your views on the Australian Fashion scene? 
Too much focus on conservative fashion designed to make you "fit in". An incubation pot of good vibes and great ideas... Full of creative people with vision and potential.

+Shittest trend right now:
Flip flops in winter

+If you could push a famous person down a flight of stairs, who would it be & why:
Bruce Lee... Just to watch him backflip out of it

+Who are you thinking of when you put together a Menswear buy?
A guy who is bored of the repetitive nature of menswear in Australia, of seeing the same thing season after season. The guy that cares about what he wears, with an eye for quality, details and an unexpected twist to the norm. My aim is for anyone who walks in with an open mind to leave with something they've never seen before or hadn't imagined wearing.

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