Lately iv been getting into reading blogs.. 
This is something i hardly ever do-
 Cos all the blogs i knew of, were (in a nice way) boring as fuck and basically talking shit about things i wasn't interested in (and really who is?)
Seems now a days that every man & dog is a "Blogger", there is literally millions of blogs out there. millions of shit ones and quiet a few good ones.
It got me thinking, FK i better step up my game and start blogging about stuff thats worth taking 5minutes out of your  precious little life and looking at.
im actually quiet suprised i have quiet a few readers- what the hell is wrong with you haha
So why read my blog?
Well, not only is this blog about my store
+ESTATEofMIND and the labels i stock, its also about my personal style,
shit i like/ find funny and feel the need to share, trends im digging & hatin' on, 
my perspective on being a buyer 
and basically a diary of the adventures of a young (often clueless) shop owner who is just living life one day at a time, doesn't really care or interact with all those pretentious fucks out there in the fashion world and basically writes what i think.
Mixed in with ALOT of swearing- im sorry i actually can't help it oh & bad spelling/grammar.

So the next few blog post's il re- introduce myself & the team here at +EOM headquarters and give you the low down on what makes us.. well us.

This is me. Don't like it- don't read it.

Also known as: Sylvester, Slivi, God.

+Job: Owner/ Buyer / Lady Boss

+My style: chameleon like..
One day ima be a lady, the next a goth, then a hipster and finish it off as a cartoon character. 
Love my Vintage mixed in with store labels & cheaps labels  & self made and anything really..  

+Bad Habits: I pick my nose.ALOT. But i have a nose ring and i feel that's a valid excuse

+My Style Crush: Karen O. always and forever.

+Blogs i follow:
Aussie- Chase.Dakota (brisbane), Colour & Chaos (an aussie in NY), Raww (melb) 
Internationational- Beckerman Bite Plate, Calur Villade, Fated to be Hated, Purse in Boots, Vintage Virgin, Man Repeller & Girl with the Flower.

+Lovin' right now: Dip dyed dogs

+Hatin' right now: Being single & my ex for dumping me...dickhead
(really hope he doesnt see this.. awkward)

+Trends im diggin' for summer: Snapbacks by Adeen

+Fave labels coming this ss13 that im losing my shit too: 
Emma Mulholland, House of Holland, W.I.A

+What do i think of Australia's fashion sense: 
Aussies tend play it too safe and are known to be label whores. 
But there is a small minority of us who like to stand out from the crowd and create i own unique style and not wear what certain magazines say is "on trend".
Screw trends, don't be a sheep!

+Why did i open +ESTATEofMIND: 
Because not everyone has your typical aussie cookie cutter style, and i was sick of seeing the same shit, same labels, same everything in every damn boutique in Sydney.
I love wearing unknown labels and sporting a garment that 50 other ppl don't have- makes it more unique and special and worth the $$$  i work hard for.
I'd prefer to support a young emerging designer just breaking into the scene  that's got fresh new idea's & is passionate about what they do then a golden oldie that's been around for years and settles on designing commercial shit for the sake of making a quick buck. 

+My goal: To take over the world! 
(And to expose these shit hot young designers to the fashionable lil fucks of Sydney & worldwide once i get my online store up and running- work in progress)

+My style of buying: Anything different, unique and NON plain jane.
I often buy a lot of one-offs or limited quantities as im all for the exclusiveness of owning a certain item- It annoys the fk out of everyone but i hardly ever re-order the same thing in twice no matter how popular. I like to keep the stock always different & exciting.

+Where do i find these creative young souls?:
I trawl the internet looking for the coolest and weirdest shit i can find, attend graduate shows from local fashion schools, stalk my fave style crushes & see who they wear.
Or they come to me, sending me their lookbooks and giving me the low down on their label.

+Theme for this ss13:
'Pastel Goth' slash 'Harajuku Tripper' slash 'East London Punk' slash 'Neo Tribal' 
slash 'i don't know what the fuck to call it'.

So that's me, and my story...
Got a question or cool ass label? email me

Tomorrow you'll meet Matt
aka lurch.

Over & out

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  1. HaHaHa Great blog. Some pics made me laugh though. Nice sense of creativity. Well done.carry on the good work. is-dis-love.blogspot.in