My new found single status has my drinking problem outta control this week, 
(god help me and my liver..... and my business)
Found myself downing 2 bottles of wine, hitting up 3 different bars in 3 different suburbs then ending up at The Columbian Hotel dancing with Sydney's finest of gay boys..
Just your average Tuesday night. 
And yes, it's taken me THIS LONG to recover- so couldn't do any posts this week as i was 
both mentally & physically too retarded to even dress myself let alone right something interesting.

My bad.

+Wearing: Glasson jeans & grey boots, Ashleigh Taylor asymmetrical tank top, Vintage yellow blazer,
I envy Alex faux fur clutch, Beasts of Peace silver rings, 2Weeks studded chain necklace.

Ashleigh Taylor tank available in store in both Black, White & Cream- it's best everyday tank!


Since it's that time of year were your broke as shit and we need the racks for all our new summer arrivals (and cos we're weird and want to do things differently), we're having a sale.
A themed one. Yep Themed!!! 

So pretty much how it works, is each week for the next month we'll be dressing up our windows in theme, and whatever is displayed on the mannequins (clothing, shoes, bags & all)  will be reduced to 
40% OFF
For that week only!!

Can't get in store or live interstate and feel left out? Well all good, were happy to post so 
look out on our facebook page for pics which we'll post up and if you see something you like simply message us, email us or call us (02 80219417).

+This weeks theme//:

Think jungle, think safari, and that's pretty much what you'll get!

A jumble of tailored cuts mixed in with clashing prints and vibrant colours, all
from your fave in store labels such as
Mok Theorem, Serpent & the Swan, Kings of Carnaby, Orri Henrisson, Kobe Husk, 
Nay-Yan, None the Richer, 2Weeks, Love & Anarchy, Abe & Sara
+ many more.

Starts this Sat 4th.

Yay it's friday bitches!

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